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Investing in the future of fintech

Supporting and growing the next generation

of teams and founders.

Our Portfolio

Fiat Ventures is an emerging VC focused on supporting and growing the next generation of market leading, early-stage companies in the Fintech space.

Operators First

We have backgrounds as operators and advisors providing valuable insights to entrepreneurs

Financial Access

Fintech solutions are best utilized by providing financial access to previously underrepresented populations.

Earn to Invest

We work alongside the majority of investments we make providing earned allocation and extended due diligence.

We invest our time before we invest our capital

— Jonathan Abelmann / CEO

“Fiat has a sizable advantage scaling brands behind growth insights and trends only their team has access to. They are the next evolution of early, mid, and late stage growth consulting and investing.”

— Eddie Behringer / CEO

“Fiat is in the trenches with fintech companies like us everyday, this gives them a perspective that no other consultant or VC has on growth vectors, and what it takes."

— Colin Nabity / CEO

“We partnered with Fiat Growth because the value they bring is more than just growth marketing. Alex, Drew, and the entire team are experts in their craft, fintech veterans and capital partners that want to be in the trenches with their portfolio companies."

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Drew Glover

General Partner

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Alex Harris

General Partner

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Marcos Fernandez

Managing Partner

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Caitlin Keep

Vice President

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Jenna Witten

Investor Relations

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Natalie Yammine

Venture Fellow

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Our Team

Who We Invest With

By Marcos Fernandez / February 15th, 2023

By Drew Glover / November 1, 2022

By Marcos Fernandez / September 27, 2022

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GPs & Founders


Minority Founders


Female Founders


Years Of Operating Experience


Entrepreneurs Supported


Years Of Investment Experience

Our investments align with our values

We invest in teams and founders that reflect the market a decade from today. It’s not just about a diversity mandate or the “right thing to do”, it’s about seeking entrepreneurs who understand the way the world is evolving and then backing them with our time and our capital.

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