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  • Alex Harris, Drew Glover, Marcos Fernandez

Fiat Ventures selected to the Inc’s distinguished 2023 Founder Friendly Investors list

Today we are so excited to announce that Fiat Ventures has been selected to the Inc’s distinguished 2023 Founder Friendly Investors list.

When we began this journey nearly three years ago, we did so with two missions:

  • Work with incredible founders

  • Build and grow game-changing and impactful brands

In early 2021 we decided to take our market leading consultancy, Fiat Growth, to the next level by not just supporting companies' success through growth efforts, but to also do so through the deployment of capital. Our decades of experience prior as operators, advisors and angel investors provided the perfect catalyst to forming a venture capital fund.

In March 2021, Fiat Ventures was born with a vision to help founders succeed.

The journey hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been rewarding for one particular reason; the incredible visionaries that we’re able to work with and support every single day.

When people ask what the role of a VC fund is we like to use the analogy of we are the “roadies” helping set up the stages for these incredible “rockstars” to bring their ideas to life. Too often in our industry it’s the investors who think they’re the ones willing companies into existence. They take credit for ideas or the ability to look around corners, but fail to admit that the ideas are the easy part. It’s the operators and executors who win at the end of the day.

We continue to find ourselves in an advantageous position to not just write checks, but to work hand in hand with these teams of founders who are building the future of fintech. Our market leading consultancy helps provide an engine for growth, and our network of 150+ senior advisors helps to open doors that drive meaningful impact at the earliest levels. Some might call this “founder friendly” but we consider it a part of the job. Our success is based on our founders' success, so a hands-on approach is something that comes naturally to our teams.

As capital becomes commoditized it’s more important than ever for VCs to bring value along with an investment. We’re grateful to be leading this change across our Fiat organization.

We couldn’t have done this alone. We’re fortunate to have hired Caitlin Keep to continue to help our Fiat Ventures processes scale. We also brought on Kristin Manoogian and Victor Colombo to build and scale our Performance Marketing and Partnership Marketing departments at Fiat Growth. Soon after we hired other senior executives like Ayesha Dillon to lead strategy, and Adrian Hunter to build out our Fiat Advisor network. The list goes on with over 30+ amazing hires across the Fiat organization.

As co-founders we knew that these key hires would be the ones to bring Fiat into the next generation of investment and growth.

There is no greater compliment than being told that we are leading the pack as “Founder Friendly Investors.” What excites us most about this moment is that it’s just the beginning. The future remains bright as our network of founders, investors and operators continues to grow at an exponential rate.

Thank you to the entire Fiat Growth & Fiat Ventures Team. Thank you to the many founders who allow us to invest and build their visions. Thank you to our ecosystem for all the support you provide.

Let’s continue to build a better future for fintech and the millions of individuals who benefit from a better financial future!

-Drew, Alex & Marcos


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