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  • Alex Harris & Drew Glover

Fiat Growth is selected to the Inc’s 2023 distinguished list of Best Places to Work

Today we are so excited to announce that Fiat Growth has been selected to the Inc’s 2023 distinguished list of Best Places to Work.

When we began this journey nearly five years ago, we did so with two missions:

  1. Work with incredible people

  2. Build and grow game-changing and impactful brands

In early 2022, Fiat was approaching 25 employees and we knew we were gearing up to cross a culture chasm. Our team was growing fast and our internal communications were naturally evolving. We were building a company with formal departments. We had to implement a process. We had to put rules in place. We had to start preparing our transformation from a small business and start building towards the industry defining company we plan to be.

We were lucky to have brought on Gerard Fane as Managing Partner in 2021 who brought deep operational experience from the agency and tech world. Gerard accepted the leadership role from day one and never looked back. Quickly after we hired Kristin Manoogian and Victor Colombo to build and scale our Performance Marketing and Partnership Marketing departments. All the while Marcos Fernandez, Managing Partner of Fiat Ventures was designing what is now the leading fintech venture capital firm.

As co-founders we knew that these key hires would be the ones to bring Fiat into the next generation of growth. More importantly, we knew their teams (Performance Marketing, Partnership Marketing and Revenue Operations) would become the culture starters and culture creators that Fiat needed to evolve into a truly special company.

There is no greater compliment than being told that we are a “Best Place to Work.” The pride in knowing that our unbelievably talented team shares our mission, that they choose to be here, and that this is not just a great place to work for us as Founders, but for all of us as a team is a feeling like none other.

This is a moment where we are reminded of the standard we must always uphold. That no matter what the future holds, no matter how much we might scale, that retaining this culture, taking care of our team, appreciating one another and giving us all the opportunity to grow and and fulfill our mission together is what this is all about.

What excites us most about this moment, being honored within Inc’s 2023 Best Places to Work, is that it’s just the beginning. The future is what excites us the most as the culture we’ve built today is the foundation for something even more special tomorrow.

Thank you to the entire Fiat Growth & Fiat Ventures Team.


Alex and Drew


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