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Portfolio Spotlight

At Fiat Ventures, we recognise that we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, without the incredible founders we back. Our capital helps cover bills, but it’s truly the founders' tenacity, creativity and grit that bring these visions to life.

Because of that, we work closely with our teams of founders to do more than just invest, but to offer consulting, operating and network support from the market’s leading growth consultancy, Fiat Growth.

Introducing Sunlight

This month we’re shining the spotlight on one of our fastest growing embedded Fintech teams, Sunlight. They’re building a universal card-on-file API to help other Fintechs and Banks place their card top-of-wallet right after issuance.

Manual card-on-file entry points are cumbersome and difficult to enable. Sunlight is welcoming an era of streamlined card-on-file updates, that boosts Time to First Transaction, Lifetime Value (LTV), and 'Top of Wallet' metrics. With Sunlight’s Card-On-File API, updating card-on-file across numerous apps and subscription services is simple and intuitive. Fintechs and Banks use Sunlight to make their cards top-of-wallet instantly after they are issued. Sunlight is integrated with a vast range of popular consumer and business merchant services such as Netflix, Uber, Amazon, Facebook Ads, AWS, Slack and many more. Backed by Y Combinator, SV Angel, Liquid 2 Ventures, GFC, and Fiat Ventures.

Fiat Growth, our market leading growth consultancy, first started working with Sunlight in April 2022 to provide valuable go-to-market (GTM) and partnerships support. Based on the traction we witnessed first hand, and prior to the team entering YC, Fiat Ventures invested in Sunlight’s Pre-Seed round in June 2022.

Since that time the team has gone from seeking product-market-fit to having a robust tech stack with large scale clients. In a particularly tough macro environment, the Sunlight team has worked well with Fiat Ventures and their other partners to navigate the best steps forward - remaining laser focused on building a ‘best-in-market’ product at the right time.

Why we invested in Sunlight

At Fiat Ventures, we invest in great ideas and the teams that can make them real. Sunlight stood out with its unique potential and strong team. The founders of Sunlight have a lot of experience in Fintech, data integrations, and high-performance system architecture. Sunlight is armed with an intimate understanding of the complexities involved in building a big business.The team works well together, providing one another with complementary skill sets, clear definition of responsibilities.

Before Sunlight, the team members have led large teams and managed complex product delivery for reputable financial institutions like HSBC, Santander, BBVA, and Standard Chartered Bank, among others. It's this mix of skills and experience that makes Sunlight shine in digital finance, and a clear choice for investment by Fiat Ventures.

Co-founder and CEO - Guy Ziv

Guy is a seasoned business executive with deep knowledge in Fintech and a proven track record of building and executing complex Go-To-Market strategies. His experience highlights successful implementations of disruptive technologies with major global financial institutions. The Fiat team first met Guy through another portfolio founder in our network who knew we’d be able to provide valuable advice to their business.

Co Founder & CTO - Gil Peretz

Gil is a seasoned R&D executive with a history of delivering systems serving 1B+ users. His leadership at Moovit, a company that successfully exited to Intel for $1B, had him oversee 25 engineers across various R&D teams. His vast knowledge in data sourcing infrastructure, RPAs, and data flow monitoring positions him as a technical powerhouse in the evolving technology landscape.

Co-founder & CPO - Leo Chanea

Leo is a versatile product executive, entrepreneur, and community expert with a talent for building sticky products. As the former Director of Product Management at a company that amassed over 1 billion users and completed a remarkable $1 billion exit to Intel, Leo brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Stay tuned for exciting announcements

Sunlight has some bright surprises in store - stay tuned for more partnerships and announcements coming very soon!

If you're excited about transforming financial transactions or know a business that could benefit from our services, don't hold back - get in touch today. The Sunlight team is eager to connect and illuminate your financial world!

You can also reach out to with any questions at all.


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